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We Simplify The Solar Process- Ensuring You Get The Best Rate On Solar

Switching to solar should be simple and rewarding. You save money, help the environment and benefit from government incentives from day one.

Like most research the process starts online- But by the time homeowners hit submit, they're immediately bombarded with calls from several companies, leading to countless sales presentations and numerous follow-ups. 

Things get more confusing between the various estimates, solar jargon, and financing options, leaving homeowners to roll the dice when it comes to choosing a solar company- and there are thousands of solar companies offering thousands of different experiences and prices for such a narrow breadth of products.

Meet My Solar Solutions, an online Virtual Solar Brokerage with over a decade of experience and access to wholesale pricing.

We offer a streamlined, hassle-free solar experience.

No aggressive sales tactics: just clear pricing, premium equipment, straightforward financing, and top-tier service from agents who have been serving homeowners nationwide for over a decade.

My Solar Solutions provides a more direct and honest way to go solar.

We believe different is better. We hope you agree.

Why Hire A Solar Broker?

The most recognized benefit of employing a consultant lies in their knowledge in the industry and ability to negotiate on your behalf. They strive to secure the best solar panels, batteries, inverters, and warranties at the most favorable price.

Allow the expert to handle the research and negotiation process for you.

How Do We Get Paid?

The solar company we partner with rewards us for bringing business their way which allows us to get you better deals. Our business thrives on referrals, so we strive to impress you enough to recommend us to others. As solar brokers, we impartially outline your choices, using our industry knowledge and negotiation skills to secure the best panels, warranties, and prices for you. Trust an expert to do the research and negotiation for you.

Everyone Wins!

A win for the solar company because they earn more businessA win for My Solar Solutions because we get paidA Win for YOU as a homeowner because you can

control your energy costs with solar & receive expert advise and the best price on your project

A Win For Underserved Communities Who Need Access To Clean Water and Food

My Solar Solutions is NOT a contractor nor installation company. All of the agents representing Solar Solutions are Home Improvement Salesperson with the intention of finding property owners the right solar solution and installer for their home or business.

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